CrossFit Anywhere- Traveling

By Lauren Enz Bowlus

It is very easy to fall into the vacation trap of neglecting to get workouts in. Many excuses pop up such as "I don't have equipment", "not sure what I can do", "I had to many mojitos the night before", etc. the list can be lengthy. However, it is also just as easy to get a good sweat on when traveling. Whether you do death by Thrusters using hotel dumbells (something I've done), 300 air squats for time, a running and burpee WOD say on a beach. The list here can go on as well.

My point is, try to get a sweat on at least once a day when traveling. You'll feel better, its fun to get family and friends involved, and you wont be set back when you return. For an added bonus, drop into a local CrossFit gym and pick up a shirt! They make for awesome travel souvenirs. :)

If you are ever at a loss for other travel workouts just email your coach ahead of time, we would all be more than happy to give you a few options!


Coach Lauren and Coach Matt doing typical CrossFitter stuff!

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