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We are starting a new trend in 2017- every month we will be rolling out a "member of the month". This is to highlight member's their hard work and dedication!

Here is this years first "member of the month"- Joanne Sanchez!


What brought you to Crossfit Watsonville?

Former owner, Cliff Hodges convinced my husband and I to try it out. So we did!

How do you spend most of your days?

I'm a mother of three so I pretty much spend my days cooking, cleaning, and driving my kids around.

What is your biggest improvement since you started Crossfit?

Running! I've always hated running and while I'm still not great at it, I don't dread it as much anymore.

If you could program a workout what would be in it?

I rather ...

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The time has come for the highly anticipated Affiliate cup to take place. This Saturday at CrossFit West, 50 some odd teams from 15 affiliates within the Santa Cruz county will get together to throw down and showcase the hard work they have done over this past year.

There will be many spectators and 22 plus vendors making this an all day CrossFit extravaganza that will sure be one for the books.

To encourage you all who are not competing to make it out to this event and cheer on our 4 CrossFit Watsonville teams we are cancelling both Barbell and the CrossFit class for Saturday the 22nd. Again I repeat, the gym will be closed all day Saturday October 22nd.

So put on your CrossFit Watsonville swa...

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By: Matt Sleeper

Yes, stretching.

Athletes can, and often do, possess more potential for strength than they are currently able to realize. Muscular strength is effected by three main factors:

1) Muscle cross-section area (size); This is how much the muscle fibers overlap each other during relaxation, the more fibers overlapping, the greater potential for force production.

2) Type of muscle fibers; There are 2 main types of fibers, type I and type II. Type I fibers are long and lean, capable of repeating motion for long periods of time without fatigue, but only able to produce small amounts of force. Type II are just the opposite, shorter and bulkier, not able to contract for long periods of time...

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In a class this week, probably a third of the way through the WOD, an athlete all of a sudden had a different look on his face. I could tell something was in his head that was robbing him of focus on the workout. He was either flogging himself over a percieved lack of performance or allowing life to creep in and beat him down in a moment of weakness. He was having a bad moment. F! THAT

In the middle of WODs you can and will go through an insane amount of self discovery and inner dialog. A lot goes on in a WOD. You get fatigued, your lungs hurt, various body parts hurt(sometimes all of them), doubt starts to creep in, pain is your companion and you need to keep moving till the reps/rounds are ...

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It is very easy to fall into the vacation trap of neglecting to get workouts in. Many excuses pop up such as "I don't have equipment", "not sure what I can do", "I had to many mojitos the night before", etc. the list can be lengthy. However, it is also just as easy to get a good sweat on when traveling. Whether you do death by Thrusters using hotel dumbells (something I've done), 300 air squats for time, a running and burpee WOD say on a beach. The list here can go on as well.

My point is, try to get a sweat on at least once a day when traveling. You'll feel better, its fun to get family and friends involved, and you wont be set back when you return. For an added bonus, drop into a local Cros...

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Yes, it is a thing. Our neck is almost never thought of when contemplating what to mobilize. That is until it comes up due to painful headaches or a chronically tight neck resulting in pull-ups and overhead movements to be uncomfortable. Not only can it hinder movements due to tightness, it can also hinder the growth of those muscles. That keeps you at bay from clean prs, snatch, deadlift, barbell cycling, etc. Point is your neck is important. Below are two ways to mobilize it:

1- Simplest one, grab a band of medium-thick resistance. Then step your foot in in and loop the other end over your shoulder. Following the band placement, proceede to look over your opposite shoulder and down at the g...

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It’s a beautiful thing, improving your health and fitness through working out and eating right. The list of reasons that is true is too vast to bother listing here.

Regardless of how fit we get inside the gym, if we never venture outside of the gym and apply that fitness elsewhere, we are missing out on another beautiful part of life.

Many of our members and coaches have been getting outside of the gym lately and applying their fitness elsewhere, everything from rock-climbing and kiking to ice-climbing and mountain biking.

Last weekend, Coach Kami ventured out for an extended hike with friends in Yosemite. They explored Glacier Point, Illillouette Falls, Nevada Falls, and Vernal Falls.


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Injuries are inevitable in life and CrossFit is no exception. We can get hurt lifting a heavy load on a job site or picking up laundry just as often as we can tweak our back during a front squat or our shoulder during a pull-up. These injuries however should not be the cause of not making it to a class. The workout that day may in fact have all movements that you know you cannot do. No worries you have coaches with experience with modifying and creating workouts so that you leave the gym feeling like you got a really good workout on without experiencing pain. Injuries are frustrating. They not only sideline us physically, but mentally injuries are hard to deal with. Do not let that stop you ...

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Having issues squatting? Back squat, front squat, overhead squat especially or just can’t seem to nail pistols? Chances are you have very tight ankles that prevent you from having the mobility to do all of the above movements without your heel coming off the ground. Lets fix that.

You will need the following: a lacrosse ball, and a medium resistance band. We will start from the ground up. Something I almost always have mobility classes’ start with is rolling out the bottom of the feet. So take those shoes off (keep socks on), place the lacrosse ball underneath your foot, put your weight onto that foot and start rolling. You will find tightness in the arch of your foot, maybe even ...

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Members Cat B. (competing this weekend btw- see board or social media for more info on it) and Alison N. working out on a makeshift GHD

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