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The time has come for the highly anticipated Affiliate cup to take place. This Saturday at CrossFit West, 50 some odd teams from 15 affiliates within the Santa Cruz county will get together to throw down and showcase the hard work they have done over this past year.

There will be many spectators and 22 plus vendors making this an all day CrossFit extravaganza that will sure be one for the books.

To encourage you all who are not competing to make it out to this event and cheer on our 4 CrossFit Watsonville teams we are cancelling both Barbell and the CrossFit class for Saturday the 22nd. Again I repeat, the gym will be closed all day Saturday October 22nd.

So put on your CrossFit Watsonville swa...

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When you guys step into the gym and complete a WOD never think Ohh I should of done more weight, Ohh I should of ran faster, etc. We’ve all been there; we’ve all done it, however, we need to break that habit.

Instead of thinking back and letting negative thoughts cloud your head, proudly tell your coach your time and think “hey that felt great, next time ill go heavier or faster” or “hey I’ve been having pain but I did not feel a thing, awesome.”

No matter the modification or result of that day’s workout, the point of the matter is you made it into the gym and completed a WOD. That in itself is a huge accomplishment, when making it to the gym can...

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First Open WOD is done and in the books. The biggest complaints where sore butts and torn hands! Below is an awesome blog post from Coach Chris K. a while back talking about hand care. It is some thing that goes hand in hand with getting strong and killing Open WODs so take careful notes :)!

First, let me rant. Tearing your hands in training is not “cool” or make you part of a club. Tearing exposes your hands to infection and also hinders your training. Avoid it all costs. Period.

Friction is the culprit that causes the skin on your hands to tear apart. The way to prevent tearing is to minimize friction. Ideally, your hands would be a flat layer of callused skin, much like the palm...

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REGISTER FOR THE 2016 OPEN!! It is literally a week away and you will not want to miss out on the fun! Click here for the link to the registration site.


One of the simplest and quickest mobility exercises to do, only takes 2-4 minutes to do, is rolling out, with a lacrosse ball, the bottoms of your feet. Yes might sound weird but if you think about it, we are on our feet all day long. That is a lot of constant pressure on the our feet and the tendons, muscles, and joints that are found there. Over time these muscle become, what I like to call, “laminated together.” When the muscle start doing this and nothing is done to relieve the area of tension, then a ripple effect hap...

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This blog will be short, simple, and to the point. Enjoy and follow the steps......

1. Watch this video here.

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3. Now watch this here. Don't let Danny Broflex down!



Community is what makes CrossFit!

We might have just rung in the New Year but for those of you veteran Crossfitters, you know the “CrossFit New Year” has yet to come.

Yes the Open is just around the corner.

5 weeks of tough workouts testing every athlete’s ability not only in our gym, but also in every gym around the world. It’s a time when the CrossFit community as a whole is united. Suffering through the same workouts, posting about individual results and discussing what you liked or disliked with your friends.

CrossFit is all about community and the Open heightens that aspect of CrossFit to the nth degree!

For those of you that are new to CrossFit, or anyone that needs a refresher… the Open is a...

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Over the couple years of doing CrossFit, I have seen many different ways that athletes utilize to get into that solid mental state of mind. An example of this is our very own Jason Highbarger who uses a pre-WOD ritual to help him get into the “WOD-crushing” mentality. With many years of dedication to his training, Jason describes his ritual pre-WOD as a way to fully dedicate his mind, body and soul to his training time. To summon all the power within himself to perform at his very best. I’ve seen Jason perform his ritual, watching it you see the utter focus, unwavering gaze at the task ahead and the drive to complete it with speed and precision. Its pretty crazy to watch, a...

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Details of the 2015 Santa Cruz Affiliate Challenge

Sign up and come represent CrossFit Watsonville at the 2015 Santa Cruz Affiliate Challenge! This is a CrossFit competition for local affiliate only and it will be a team competition with multiple divisions. Plus, this is a great time to come hangout with your CrossFit Watsonville community!

The Details

CrossFit Santa Cruz Central will host the event and handle all the logistics. They are located at 2650 Research Park Drive, Soquel CA, 95073 and the event will be on Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 8AM to 4PM.

- The challenge will have 4 divisions: 40+, 50+, Scaled and Rx'd. Teams can be 4, 5 or 6 people.
- The cost for a 4 person team is $160 and ...

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