2015 Goals


It’s time for a status check on your 2015 goals. It could be any goal you set at the beginning of the year, but for this purpose, I’m talking about your CrossFit or fitness goals. Now, you all know what I’m talking about, but if not then let me remind you. For CrossFit Almaden, we had our holiday party in December 2014 and members were writing their 2015 goals on the whiteboard. For others, you may have set one of your New Year resolutions around fitness. How are you doing? Are you still tracking towards this goal?

As coaches, we also set fitness goals and work towards it. In December 2014, I wrote on the whiteboard that my goal was to complete CrossFit’s King Kong workout. Let me explain what it is for those of you that don’t know what it is.
3 rounds for time:

– 1 Deadlift at 455lbs
– 2 Muscle-ups
– 3 Squat cleans at 250lbs
– 4 Handstand push ups

There’s no scaling. You do it or you don’t. As one website states, “This workout is all about goal setting and aspirations. You don’t do King Kong scaled, because then it’s not King Kong. Rather, you aspire to do this workout as prescribed, and you gear your training toward that goal. Moreover, it’s a symphony of simplicity. No complicated rep scheme, no funk, just heavy weight and gymnastics. Anyone can do it, if you work hard enough.”

Yeah, so… that’s my goal. I wrote this on the whiteboard and started working towards this goal. Some other people saw my goal and wanted to do it too. That would be Coach Chris and Coach Patrick! Coach Patrick set our deadline to be late August. Even Coach Matt said he would join in on the fun. Thus, it’s time. We will be doing this workout soon!

Now, does anyone else want to join us?
WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-08-19 Whiteboard
CFA/W-Split Jerk Phase 3
jerk balance 3 x 10
bent over barbell row (supinated grip) 3 x 10
slide to split with clips 3 x 3-5
5 rounds of:
20 reps of hang power snatch at 75/55 lb
15 reps of ghd sit-up
40 reps of double under

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