All The Weights

Finally fall weather is here! While this gets you cozied up and spending more time around family watching hockey, football, etc., it is detrimental to your squatting ability.

How do you avoid having squat issues? By making the most out of that TV watching time. Instead of just flopping down on the couch after you get home post-WOD, grab a lacrosse ball, sit on the ground and smash. It doesn’t take much, and watching TV gets your mind away from the uncomfortable feeling that comes from smashing tight muscles. The most notorious tight areas that affect getting full depth in a squat are- tight calf muscles and tight glutes.

The pictures below will demonstrate the two ways that are great at loosening both of those areas. A few things to keep in mind: first, you do not want to roll up and down, think side-to-side. The reason being you are not looking to lengthen your muscles, you are looking to loosen them. Second, time yourself, one commercial hit the right leg, next commercial hit the left, or do every two commercials. This way you are evenly loosening up both sides. Third, if you do not feel any pain, you are probably not putting enough pressure. So put more pressure :).

If you are reading this thinking, “I have no problem with depth in my squat,” it does not mean that you will not benefit from smashing these key muscle groups. It will mean those muscles will be free to fire properly and you will gain a key to PR city (muscles firing properly = more weights lifted) and if you do not want that then you are crazy.

A side note- smashing, especially for a longer period of time in multiple areas naturally releases hormones that will make you tired. Doing this right before you go to bed will lead to getting more, and better quality Zzz’s which aids in better recovery! A double benefit!


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