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In the words of my girl Aliyah, “Age aint nothing but a number…” This couldn’t be more of a statement that is witnessed at CFW. On the regular I will see Miro hitting more than one workout a day. Nancy R. will hit wods with us girls like its no big deal. Pete will not let a long night of work, or drinks, stop him from Rxing a workout. On the opposite side of the realm so many of our members kids just want to WOD with there parents. I witness some of these kids school us in dips and rope climbs. Overall it doesn’t matter you age to get down with some functional fitness.

I recently watched a podcast from Barbelled Shrugged called, "Old Man Strength: How to Train Better With Age." It really left me with some nuggets to pass along. you might say, "Norma I am 22 how dies this apply to me?" Well they apply to everyone and you should right them down for a raining day.

Do What Brings you Happiness - Negating what doesn’t make sense. - Often times we say yes to so many things and then we end up being miserable. Yes we all have obligations but perhaps try and negate things out of your life that don’t make you happy so that you can make room for the things you do like.

Find Success: What is success and fulfillment - Figure out what it means to be successful (in the gym and outside the gym). Its different for everyone. Leaving a fulfilled life will energize you to do more.

Spirit of Fun: Being Happy and doing things with the Spirit of Fun and Positivity - It will give you all the energy you need. I hope you all come to CFW because its fun. Maybe I am weird but I can say I come back to CFW because I chase the feeling of complete exhaustion after a hero WOD or a great Snatch. I can truly say it makes me happy and its most importantly FUN. I hope it’s the same for you. The spirit of fun will provide some stress relieve and hopefully leave you a little but more fulfilled.

“Try New Things and Always Be Learning” - They say you cant teach an old dog new trick, but if the dog wants to learn I think you can. When things get stagnant they get boring. Keep the spirit of fun going by trying out new things. Maybe you hate it maybe you love it but at least you tried. Luckily part of CrossFit is that it is constantly varied. Continue to learn. It will keep you from aging by keeping your mind alive and curious.

“Take Care of Yourself: EAT BETTER AND SLEEP BETTER” - Especially as you get older nothing will make you recover better and be more optimal than eating better and sleeping better. A lot of people will ask: what pre-workout/post-workout/supplements should I take? Or do they really help? IF you are not eating a good well balanced diet and getting sleeping well then you shouldn’t even be thinking of supplements. A good diet and good sleep well be the best thing you could possible take.

For more info about training as you get “older” from they way smarter Travis Nash go here (Travis will give you the secrets on pulling off a 700lb deadlift while being “old”):

~ Norma

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