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NOTE: Tonight’s guest blog-post is from CrossFit Almaden Coach and head of CFA’s Weightlifting program, Coach Chris Kasinski. Coach Chris initiated and leads CrossFit Almaden’s Barbell-Club, coaching, programming and organizing it’s curriculum.

Last week, I challenged everyone to do 50 Russian Kettlebell swings unbroken as a warm-up each day for a month. The number of people that are willingly doing them shocks me! Keep up the great work everybody; we are already done with a week! Remember, once it becomes easier to complete all 50 reps unbroken, either (1) increase the number of reps by 10-25 reps or (2) increase weight of the kettlebell.

A number of people have expressed that doing the kettlebell swings has allowed them to actually feel their butt working, which should not be new to so many people. Your butt plays a crucial role in basic movement patterns of the hip joint and is involved in almost all physical activities. Having a large, strong butt not only looks awesome but also allows you to perform better. You won’t find world-class athletes with flat, pancake booty.
There are a several causes of glute dysfunction. Two common reasons are hip restriction and poor motor patterns. If your hip mobility is restricted, getting your glutes to fire will be difficult because you are unable to reach terminal hip extension. Poor motor patterns, like performing a squat without using your butt, can be corrected by spending time practicing and re-learning the movements but with better mechanics than before…virtuosity.
In order to develop a luscious booty, you must first learn how to activate your glutes so that they are working properly. Once they are working correctly, strengthening them is the next step to building a bulletproof back side.

If you have poor mechanics, your glutes may not be engaging properly or at all during a movement. After a long enough period of inactivity, you must manually teach them how to properly fire again. Glute activation drills are a series of drills that can get your glutes warmed-up and working properly. There are numerous ways to achieve glute activation; typing those 2 words into Google yields 138,000 results. My preferred methods are walking and squatting with a Hip Circle around my knees or performing a series of exercises by Dr. Henoch of Juggernaut Training Systems. In the end, don’t overthink it, too much. The goal is just to get your butt muscles firing.

Once you can perform movement with properly firing glutes, increasing their strength and size becomes very important to bring them back to up to par with other nearby muscles. You should continue performing your regular workouts, but also perform a glute/hip-intensive primary + accessory lift 1-2 times each week to focus on sculpting and strengthening your butt to achieve a dynamite derriere. Perform a primary exercise from the left side and follow it with an accessory exercise from the right side.

Primary: [Heavy Weight]

5 x 5 (3-5 min rest)
Sumo deadlifts
Wide-stance box squats
Weighted lunges (5/leg)
Rear-foot elevated split squats (5/leg)

Accessory: [High Volume]

4-8 sets x 8-15 reps (2-6 min rest)
Quarter-squats with 1RM back squat
Russian KB Swings
Weighted GHD hip extensions
Glute-ham raises on GHD
Barbell hip thrusts
Walking lunges

If you do not typically engage your glutes, working to correct that should be near your top priorities. Quad-dominance means that you have an imbalance between your anterior muscles (quads) and posterior muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings). Using your quads or glutes is not mutually exclusive like being right or left-handed; both must work in conjunction with each other or else imbalance occurs. When such imbalance occurs, you are at a significantly higher risk for a wide-range of injuries as well as decreasing your performance.
For more information, check out the Barbell Shrugged podcast entitled, “How to Add Mass to Dat Ass”

WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-07-14 Whiteboard
CFA - 2015/07/14 Strength/skill
Try and get in 3-5 sets of 5-15 strict T2B
HS Walk Work
Try to get in 30' of HS Walk. On your own, with a partner Assisting, or work on hand stand holds, one min at a time
CFA/W -2015/07/14
5 rounds of:
10 reps of back squat at 225/155 lb
10 reps of deadlift at 275/185 lb
400 m run
rest for 1:00

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