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NOTE: Tonight’s guest blogpost is from Coach Lauren. Along with coaching CrossFit, Coach Lauren currently runs our Mobility program at CFA and will be leading it here at CrossFit Watsonville in the future.

Frustrating, time consuming, hard work, and painful-all of the aforementioned words pertain to mobility and/or your least favorite CrossFit movement. Well cool, what does that have to do with anything? The answer is, your ability to kick butt in workouts.

What you guys might experience when working with mobility is the great feeling after one session, but then the next day you are tight again. Frustrated you decided to forego another session because you do not have the time. You instead put hard work into your next workout, dealing with whatever pain/immobility you have. You then leave the gym thinking well I guess overhead squats will just always stay as my least favorite movement in CrossFit no way will my shoulders and hips allow me to do it correctly.

What I see with this example, is someone walking out of the gym, eyes down and frustrated that overhead squats where programed that day. I don’t blame you; not being able to physically do a movement because of tightness can be beyond frustrating, I’ve seen it on many faces throughout my time as a coach.

So what to do now? Change your outlook and routine. You are frustrated with the pain/immobility you experience doing your least favorite movements in CrossFit. So you decide to put in some good quality time and hard work to change what has been tight for years.

It takes time to fix something that has been chronically tight for a long time and often times we do not know how to fix the problem.

Good thing we have mobility classes to help get you started and stay on track! Mobility is resuming normal schedule next week so drop into a class, either Thursday 5:30pm or Saturday 9:30am and stop feeling immobile!!

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