Bring A Friend Week

In a previous blog post I talked about relying on those around you to help you stick to your goals set for 2016. In sticking with that theme and continuing that habit, we are hosting a “Bring A Friend Week” the second week of February!

This will be a great time to bring in friends that have been wanting to try CrossFit but have been intimidated. While the programming will remain the same, the coaches will be armed with other movements if subbing is needed. So bring anyone, your siblings, other family members, co-workers, neighbors, and the list can go on. CrossFit is for anyone!

We ask that if you do have a friend coming with you to show up a few minutes before class so that we can get them signed up on WODtogether (that will start their free week)!

This will be a super fun week that you will not want to miss!

Switching gears now, there has been an absence of mobility and looking through the blog category there is not much in the archives. So I will be posting a mobility exercise every week to add to the search for whenever you need some TLC for tight muscles. This week will focus on one of the most important and most helpful when it comes to achieving a great Overhead Squat, mobilizing the T-spine area. The area I like to call your lower-upper-back. Not mid back, just above it. If you have tightness in this area, you will struggle on keeping a vertical torso on movements such as thrusters, wall balls, front squats, overhead squats, push press, push jerk, split jerk.... I think you catch my drift. It affects A LOT of what we do in CrossFit. It’s not hard to open the area up, but I will not lie, its not going to be pleasant.

There are a few ways to open up this area. However, seeing as how your spine is kinda important, I am giving you guys three options depending on the tightness of your T-spine.

The first option for those of you with crazy tight upper-mid backs is to simply take a foam roller, lay down with the foam roller at your lower-upper back or just above the middle of your spine, and simply lay down with your hands at your side. If you find this excruciatingly painful stay here for three minutes about three times a week and work your way to where you can put your hands above your head with very little discomfort.

The next option is to grab a peanut (two lacrosse balls taped together) and put it in the same area, cross your arms and rock side to side. This allows the muscles surrounding your spine to relax and open the area up.

The last option is place the peanut in the same area but instead of crossing your arms take a kettlebell and place it on your chest and again rock side to side.

I recommend testing your spine by starting with option one and work your way up.

If you guys have any questions about this you know who to ask :).


Demonstrations of the various levels of t-spine mashing!

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