Confidence Under Load

The mental game of CrossFit is often times the more difficult challenge to master. This is especially true when it comes to lifting weights, whether during strength or the WOD.

To help gain confidence in strength training you need to regularly hit heavier percentages. The most overlooked aspect that will help with that confidence is jotting down weights you hit for the program that day.

How can something so simple help? Think about it, if you have no idea what weights you usually hit then you will more than likely stay stagnant at a certain weight or back off to stay light. Either way you are cutting your confidence short.

With the current strength cycle happening, the obvious goal is to get stronger, especially with the moves we are working on. If you take note, not only will you have a weight to base your end gain off of, you will also have a better feel to what your baseline weights are, the weights you can hit with total confidence. The aim is to increase baseline weights and overcome mental barriers under heavier loads. The more confident you are in lifts the more successful you will be at heavier percentages and hitting 1 rep maxs. Also, your likelihood of injury will decrease!

Knowing what those baseline numbers are will be of key importance here.

So up the effort and write your numbers down! You’ll be stronger because of it!


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