CrossFit Open 2016 is coming


The 2016 CrossFit season is just about to begin. The CrossFit season starts with the Open, where hundreds of thousands of people compete for in the five-week, five-workout competition. Registration for the 2016 Open begins on January 14, 2016, with the first workout begin announced on February 25th.

Keep in mind that while the Open is not for absolutely everyone, but anyone can participate. If you care about your fitness, I think you should sign up. Very few people will continue past the Open, but just completing the Open workouts may motivate you in a new way. Yes, it does cost $20 but paying that small amount of money to complete 5 workouts can motivate you in a surprising way. For the Open, “taking on workouts that may push you to learn a new skill, improve the skills you already have, or go into a darker place than you've ever been before.”

Last year, the sheer number of people that spent additional time practicing their muscle-ups for 15.3 was astounding. If that kind of effort lasted all year, the results would be phenomenal.

Countless people pay more than $20 to do Charity 5k races or half-marathons quite often. They don’t need to pay that money to run those distances and could easily just donate the money. However, paying money to do those races motivates those people to participate, train and complete the races.

Train hard and get ready for nasty workouts from the mind of Dave Castro!

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