Dem Calves

Calves are one of the most used yet under cared for piece of our athletic body. Whether you use them for box jumps, squats, double unders, to show off your new stance socks, or all of the above, I can almost guarantee that mobilizing your calves rarely crosses your mind.

If that is not the case but opposite then you deserve a huge cookie (gluten free one duh….. ☺ ) because that is awesome.

If however, you tend to neglect your calves, you might experience pain in your knees, lack full depth in your squat, or fall apart in overhead movements. All of which can be linked to tight, overworked calves.

Luckily, there are easy methods of mobilizing them. Downside is they can be one of the most painful spots to work. Now before you start whining, I need you to see the big picture. Yeah it will suck in the moment but the payoff is huge. That should sound familiar, it what you come into the gym and experience day in and day out.

So don’t whine, just do.

Grab a barbell, kettlebell, or foam roller (they are put in order from most painful to least) sit you’re butt in front of them and place your right bottom calf on top. Then begin rolling side to side over those “speed bumps.” After doing that for a bit, roughly 6 times back and forth, move up towards your upper calf. Then switch sides. For an added bonus place you’re free foot on top of your leg that is being worked on.


Rich S. and Pete J. demonstrating how to mobilize dem calves!

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