Dunk-Tank & Nutrition Challenge!


Pictured: Norma A.'s personal before and after pics. Great work, Norma!!! :D

Hello CrossFit Watsonville Family!

With this wretched drought, it would be an understatement to say it has been hot this summer. Even though summer may be nearing an end, we still have long hot days and many of us might be thinking, “gee abs would go well with this bathing suit.”

We have had a lot of requests over the past two months to get a dunk-tank out here to check our body fat percentage, as well as to have a nutrition talk and challenge to help us all eat a little better. Not to mention, with as hot as it’s been this summer with this drought, many of us start to think, Gee, abs would go well with this bathing suit. Have no fear, CFW has come to the rescue! We are here to provide a little extra motivation and support on your journey to look and feel better naked.

You asked for it and, Bam!—We are delivering!

We are going to run an 8-Week Nutrition Challenge, complete with Dunk-Tank!

The challenge will officially start on Monday, September 28th and run for the eight weeks prior to Thanksgiving, ending Monday, November 23rd. This will give you a solid two months to stick to the challenge and see great results, yet will let everyone off the hook just in time for Thanksgiving with your families! :)

We have arranged for Fitness Wave, a mobile hydrostatic body fat testing service, to come from San Jose and set up at CrossFit Watsonville for our 1st Dunk just before the beginning of the challenge (on September 24th), and our 2nd Dunk near the end of the challenge (on November 19th).

We have worked Fitness Wave before through CrossFit Almaden and they are great! Very professional and give you a complete breakdown of all your percentages, lean mass, etc. It’s actually pretty cool. (I have done it.—Got better results than I was expecting too, haha.)

We will likely be hosting a Nutrition lecture to help get everyone prepared for the challenge. We will have a date for that soon. We are thinking Saturday, September 26th, after the WOD, or possibly an evening during the week. If you have a preference, let us know!

Along with getting in way better shape, we will be offering some pretty cool prizes, such as ONE FREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP for the Grand Prize! We will also have winners in each category that is measured by the hydrostatic dunk. Most importantly, we will be having an end of challenge celebration at Cilantro’s in Watsonville for everyone who completes the dunk. First round of drinks are on us!

In order to win this contest you will not only have to watch what you eat, but also be consistent in the gym. The winner will not only have to have a drop in body fat, but also maintain or increase there lean body mass (i.e. muscle mass).

The cost of the challenge will be $100. That cost will go to cover BOTH dunks, and the additional prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Fitness Wave has given us a great price for the dunks at only $40 a dunk!

The link to register for the CrossFit Watsonville Nutrition Challenge and to secure your dunks with Fitness Wave can be found here: CrossFit Watsonville Nutrition Challenge & Dunk Tank!

Below is a message from our Membership Director, Norma A.:

“Many of you may not know, but when I started CrossFit, I was not in shape to say the least. When I started CrossFit I weighed about 240 pounds and had finally gotten to the point where I said enough is enough. I started CrossFit on a whim and no one thought I would stick to it. My coach at the time even told me that he told his wife that he had a feeling I wouldn’t finish out the month. Well two years later I am still just as much in love with CrossFit as I was on day one. About 3 months into my journey I had my first ever hydrostatic body fat test. I knew going into it that the results would not be pretty, but I also knew I had to face reality. After the dunk, I really committed to completely cleaning up my diet. After 8 weeks, I was more than pleasantly surprised with my results. Though body fat is hard to move in big increments, movement in a short span of time is quite possible.”

We will have more details on the nutrition challenge to follow!

Important Challenge Details:

8-Week Challenge!

Monday September 28th through Monday November 23rd.

Dunk-1 = September 24th

Dunk-2 = November 19th

Cost = $100 (Covers BOTH dunks and prizes)

Register Here to secure your Dunks: CrossFit Watsonville Nutrition Challenge & Dunk Tank!

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