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working hard or hardly working?

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get to compete with so many members of CrossFit Watsonville at the Affiliate Cup in Santa Cruz. One of my goals for 2015 was to do a team comp. As someone who for the last three year has said I am not athletic, and who for the last three years has still considered herself a new crossfitter, I wanted to do a comp just so I could check it off my bucket list and also as a testament to how far I have come. I would always shy away from this things for far too many personal reasons. I wasn’t good enough. I would look stupid. I was going to come in last. People would take horrible pictures. I wasn’t a “real” crossfitter. I would get injured. I wasn’t going to win. The only two in house throwdowns I had done previously (by force) in my first year of CF were lame so they all must be lame. You name the excuse I always had it. The more I have gotten involved with CrossFit this year the more I have come to realize that in fact all of these excuse were completely unwarranted. CrossFit competitions are not about looking good, be number one, being the most athletic, tooting your own horn, being better than everyone else, they are about coming together and having fun.

At the end of Saturday, Annie Sakamoto, you know the original CrossFit chick, reminded us that CrossFit is far more about community and what happens inside our boxes everyday then about anything else. Here, in one building, were 15 out of the 16 affiliates where Greg Glassman had started this whole thing. During the whole day people where cheering for their opponents to finish. Even in the warm up area’s we were all just warming up together asking to share bars as if it was a Thursday at your home gym. In the spirit on inclusivity some teams where even allowed to scale the open division workout. So many people waited the 2 hours, from the last heat to the finals, to stay and cheer on teams. All of these things point to the over arching theme about CrossFit, community. We all just want to come together, move, have fun, and maybe walk away a little fitter than yesterday. In what other “competition” do you see this? With so many sports filled with rivalry it is really something unique to CrossFit.

When CF Watsonville started getting excited in August for this event I finally knew the time was now. It was really now or never for 2015. Everything sort of came together and by Monday I knew there was no turning back. To tell you the truth some of the most fun I have had working out was on Tuesday night during our team “pre” workout. I had spent all day at CF Watsonville and under normal circumstances I would have bailed on doing yet another workout. However, the stars had aligned and our whole team had made it, so I just had to workout. The day before the workout had left me beat, but the energy at Watsonville was stronger than a FitAid. It was literally the most fun I had had working out in quite some time. (What can I say you guys are all awesome!) When I drove home that night, I may have been tired, but I was also beyond pumped for Saturday.

For anyone out there who thinks that competitions aren’t for them, or that they could never do a competition, I hope you can challenge your self to change that. In the spirit of CrossFit these competitions can propel you forward, ignite your spirit, and remind you of how far you come. If nothing more than fun, a great competition, is just an excuse to get together with a ton of people who share the same interest as you do.

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