Knee Pain?

With all of the heavy legwork we do on an almost daily basis we often neglect loosening those muscles up with some mobility afterwards. What ends up happening is with chronic tight quads, hamstrings, and IT bands our knees end up taking the brunt of the work.

Without relief the knee can start out as agitating during workouts, however, after a while the pain can be so bad that you tell your coach you need to modify the front squats in that days WOD.

Don’t settle for that. Don’t settle for pain that can be alleviated, even avoiding!

Post or Pre WOD grab a men’s barbell and roll out those quads!

Sit your butt on the floor to the right of the barbell. Extend your right leg out straight and place the right end of the barbell on top of your quad, starting at the top of your knee. Place your left leg up and over the barbell allowing an easy sitting position, as well as enough room to move the barbell up your quad. Do not pick the barbell up to move it, simply allow the weight to help loosen your quads as you roll the barbell up and down. Repeat for 2-3 minutes before switching legs and repeating.

It might not be pleasant during the stretch but you will feel much better afterwards. Not only that but you will have healthy knees!

How to relieve hamstring and IT band tightness will be in the next two week’s blog posts.


Eve L. demonstrating the proper set up!

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