Knee Pain Part 3

This is the final installment of how to mobilize the big muscles that are often the culprits for knee pain.

If you missed the previous two weeks you can click on the following two links for Part 1 and Part 2.

The last spot as promised is the IT band. To keep it super simple, it’s a ligament that runs down from the hip to the shin and is key in knee movement and stabilization. When it gets tight or inflamed simply moving the knee can become painful never mind squatting or lifting heavy shit.

This is not a spot we often think of when mobilizing so it is often neglected. We are going to change this.

It is a hard spot to get to but there are a few different ways. First one is using a lacrosse ball, placing it on the IT band, sit on your side and use your upper body to roll up and down as well as side to side on the area (as pictured below). A second way of doing this that is less intense is doing the same set up except using a foam roller. Use the knobby foam roller for extra credit ☺! Third way, grab a peanut (double taped lacrosse balls) place it under your IT band and place a foam roller between your legs, this set up is more stable than one lacrosse ball, and roll up and down the same way. Lastly, if you have an awesome super friend you can lie on your side and have them dig their elbow into the IT band. Again going up down and side to side on the area.

It’s a pick your poison type of movement. It will hurt whichever way you choose. However afterwards you will be thanking yourself.

The reward is healthy happy knees!

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