Mashing A Different Direction

Mash out and foam roll before or after class? Still not seeing improvement in your mobility?

You may be mobilizing wrong. Just last week in the Wednesday mobility class James B. talked about how his quads are usually fine, he rolls them all the time. Within minutes of demonstrating a different way to roll, he was making the pain face. He said he never had such a sore feeling in his quads and he cant wait to implement this new way.

There is no good or bad way to mobilize. Any time you lay on a foam roller you will benefit. However, to really get deep into the tissues, think side-to-side rolling. Whether it be your quad, scapula area, or hamstring, side-to-side rolling will mash out those “speed bumps” and get you the most bang for your time.

So grab a foam roller and get rocking!

FYI: The Affiliate Cup sign ups close the 30th of September [thats right around the corner]!!! So grab your buddies, team up and sign up! There is a sign up board to the left of the TV. Any questions email Coach Lauren at


CFA members mobilizing with foam rollers!

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