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And the harassment to sign up for the 2016 Open continues......

Every year the entire CrossFit community gets together, suffers through 5 weeks of brutal workouts, only to come out on the other side a stronger community. Who doesn't want to be a part of that?

Yes it is worth the 20 bucks to sign up. The take away may not be a ticket to regionals, however, the relationship that you will forge or strengthen will be well worth the investment.

So do not hesistate for another minute for the 2016 Open starts in just a couple weeks. Click here to sign up and register! Be sure to choose CrossFit Watsonville as your home gym so that you show up on our roster!


This weeks mobility post is a repost from the first workout of the 2015 Open. Seeing as how all the mobility points in the post will help with the upcoming open I find it appropriate to put it up this week in preparation for the 2016 Open. Ignore words referencing a different workout that we are not doing this week.

15.1 Mobility Post

This workout will certainly be a forearm killer, as well as a wrist killer, especially for those of you with notoriously tight wrists. A simple drill that is best done before you start your WOD, even before class starts, is stretching out the wrists/forearms. Step one, kneel down, step two take your palms onto the ground, and twist them away from each other to where your middle finger is pointing towards your knees. Step three, rock back as far as your flexibility will allow you. For those that are really flexible you may be able to sit back onto your heels. For those of you that are not very flexible, you may move just a few inches and will already feel a stretch. Hold the back position for about 20 seconds and repeat 3-4 times by rocking back and forth. Following that, flip your wrists to that the top of your hand is down, middle finger still pointing toward the knee and repeat just like above.

For movements such as the deadlift and snatch, although it is at light weight, can cause some tightness and/or pain in the low back. Best way to attack this, either pre or post WOD, is to get up against a wall feet straight up and down with your butt on the floor. From here get your feet into squat stance (soles of feet flush with the wall outside of your hips), then right ankle onto your left knee, and relax into the stretch till your butt touches the ground. Then switch. If that is confusing just get up against a wall and do the figure 4 stretch laying down.

Lastly, if you have trouble with shoulder mobility on overhead movements, opening up your T-spine area is really going to help you get your max Clean and Jerk. I went into detail how to attack this area in a previous blog. Below are pictures of how to set this up, or for more detail click here to read the past blog. Essentially you are laying on a peanut on your lower upper back and rocking side to side, moving up a few inches after 5-7 rocks.


Rowing is so much more fun with friends!

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