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Do not forget next week is "Bring A Friend Week"!! Grab your coworker, family member, or close friend and bring them in to try out CrossFit with you free for a week! All we ask is that you show up a touch early so that we can get them signed up!

Also don't forget to sign up for the open! We are just a few short weeks from the first live announcement, 16.1!

Register here!

Ohhhhhhh and sign up for the upcoming Movement Workshop! February 13th from 10am-11am. Coach AJ and Coach Kami will be leading you through drills to help with kipping movements. You will not want to miss this, sign up on WODtogether!

Last part, the mobility part, is an oldie but goodie. I realized that the mobility posts were not archived so I am going to be throwing out past post to refresh you guys on proper mobilization for optimal recovery, enjoy.

Low elbows? Having trouble catching cleans, holding front squats, or elbows low in the overhead position? Wrists hurting in those positions? Heres one way to fix it: lat smash! Grab yourself a foam roller, lay on your side on the foam roller directly on your armpit. Take your arm up above your head, palm facing up relaxing your arm and yourself on top of the roller. Now rotate onto your back, then onto your chest, smashing the muscles. You will feel, as you rock from your chest to your back, the foam roller go over the muscle, much like a speed bump. This smashing of muscles will cause them to release, allowing you to move your shoulder blades, shoulders, and elbows more freely. Thus allowing for a better, significantly more solid front rack position. Spend at least 2-4 minutes per side. This can be done prior or post WOD! Plus who doesn’t love having an excuse to lay down and “rest.” ☺


Throwing it back to warmer weather days!

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