Mock Weightlifting Meet

temp-post-imageCongratulations to Alison! She attended her first weightlifting meet. Our friends at Santa Cruz Strength hosted a mock meet on Saturday, June 27th where athletes could put their weightlifting (Snatch and Clean + Jerk) skills to the test. First and foremost, putting yourself out there in front of tons of strangers deserves a congratulations in itself, but we could not be more proud Alison for not only representing CrossFit Watsonville, but she sincerely stood out in form and technique.

Alison attends CrossFit Watsonville Barbell Club every Wednesday, and the progress that she’s made since we launched CFW Barbell Club is paying off.
CFW Barbell Club
Our new CFW Barbell Club is offered every Wednesdays at 4:30pm with Coach Britt. Barbell Club focuses on becoming efficient in the sport of weightlifting. Barbell Club is for those who wish to develop and or eventually compete in the sport– weightlifting, as well as for those that would like to develop their lifting technique to become a more efficient and skillful CrossFitter. Barbell Club is for athletes of all levels and ages. This class is FREE to our CFWatsonville athletes and a drop in fee will be applied for non-CFW members. There are no pre-requisites for this class aside from regular Elements courses upon membership.
CrossFit Watsonville’s Barbell Club is for everyone ranging from the recreational, strength, masters, to youth competitor.
Email Coach Britt for more details:


Jerk Tip: Make sure that you have taken a big full breath and expand the abdomen and drop the diaphragm locking down your core, as you dip and drive stay back in your heels and tight in the midline to achieve a proper set up in the drive. Often times athletes collapse in the midline driving the bar forward in the jerk ! As you can see in both pictures above and below, each athletes leaves the floor aggressively in the split jerk. Leg drive! Leg drive! Leg drive!


Stay tuned, more jerk tips to follow next week!

WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-07-17 Whiteboard


CFA/W - 2015/07/17 Strength/Skill
Every minute on the minute (for 10 min):
3 reps of split jerk (behind the neck) [ @ 70% of 1rm]
CFA/W - 2015/07/17
Male Rx
Partner Workout
15 minute amrap of
P1: Row/Bike 15cal
P2: Push Press 135
P3: Box Jump 24

Female Rx
Partner Workout
15 minute amrap of
P1: Row/Bike 10cal
P2: Push Press 95
P3: Box Jump 20

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