Modifying WODs

Injuries are inevitable in life and CrossFit is no exception. We can get hurt lifting a heavy load on a job site or picking up laundry just as often as we can tweak our back during a front squat or our shoulder during a pull-up. These injuries however should not be the cause of not making it to a class. The workout that day may in fact have all movements that you know you cannot do. No worries you have coaches with experience with modifying and creating workouts so that you leave the gym feeling like you got a really good workout on without experiencing pain. Injuries are frustrating. They not only sideline us physically, but mentally injuries are hard to deal with. Do not let that stop you from making it into the gym. I promise you, you will only feel worse. Take advantage of the creative brains your coaches have to come up with a strategy around your injury so that you can take the downtime as a challenge to strengthen other areas. That way when you are all heeled up you will not have regressed back to the starting point.


Coach Kami leading the Kipping Clinic! Be on the look out for the next one later this year!

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