Movie Night & BBQ!


Coach Matt Z. took a road-trip Saturday and headed up to CrossFit Almaden for a visit and to get in some lifting. It was great to see Coach Matt at CFA! Thanks for visiting, Matt!
YOGA: Monday at 7:30 pm!—Every week!

Movie Night!: Some of us are planning to go see “Straight Outta Compton” on Friday night at Green Valley Cinemas (if it is still playing). We have a plan. We are hitting the WOD at 5:00 pm and then going to the movie after! It would be great to have a bunch of us from CrossFit Watsonville all go together! “The more the merrier”, haha so “Let’s roll deep!” 😀
BBQ/Potluck: Saturday, 08/29, after class! We are having a big BBQ & Potluck Saturday, August 29th, here at the gym, and we would LOVE for you to join us! We love our community and we want to do things to bring the community together and create opportunities for us all to hang out!

It will start around 10:30 am, (shortly after our 9:00 am class is finished). All friends and family are welcome! Even if it’s your rest day, just come by and hang out for a bit! We would love to see you! And so would everyone else!
We will have sign-up sheets in the office at the gym so you can add your name and what you would like to bring. :) This will give us a better idea of what else we may need to get so there isn’t an “Oh crap, we don’t have any paper plates.”, haha.
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