Neck Mobility

Yes, it is a thing. Our neck is almost never thought of when contemplating what to mobilize. That is until it comes up due to painful headaches or a chronically tight neck resulting in pull-ups and overhead movements to be uncomfortable. Not only can it hinder movements due to tightness, it can also hinder the growth of those muscles. That keeps you at bay from clean prs, snatch, deadlift, barbell cycling, etc. Point is your neck is important. Below are two ways to mobilize it:

1- Simplest one, grab a band of medium-thick resistance. Then step your foot in in and loop the other end over your shoulder. Following the band placement, proceede to look over your opposite shoulder and down at the ground. For an added bonus stretch very gently place your hand on your head. Notice I said place, not pull your head down. We are aiming to loosen the neck muscles not tighten them. See the picture below for reference.


Intern and CFW member, Taylor G., demonstrating neck mobility exercise 1

2- Using a lacrosse ball to attack your upper trap and lower neck muscles. To get more targeted coverage be sure to get low enough, that is chest parallel to the floor that way the lacrosse ball is directly on the tight area. Then proceed to move slightly in circles or where ever a tight spot is.


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