Nutrition Challenge Results!


Naomi Sakoda putting in some solid work on her strict pull-ups and power-snatch!

Nutrition Challenge Results!

Several of our members who set out on our nutrition challenge achieved some pretty substantial results. One athlete lost over 20 lbs of body fat! In total, between the twelve athletes who officially registered for the challenge, there was a total of 71.91 fat pounds lost with an average of 2.9% fat loss between the twelve athletes. (That’s FAT LOSS, not “weight loss”.) That is pretty impressive.

Bill Miller had the best results in the “Lean Change” category having added more muscle than any other athlete who participated. Bill also took second in the “% Of Change” category.

Shanandrea Castro had the best results in the “Fat Change” category having lost more body fat than anyone who participated. Shanandrea also took second in the “% Changed” category.

However, with a first place finish in the “% of change” category, a first place finish in the “% changed” category, and a second place finish in the “Fat Change” category, it was Naomi Sakoda who won the challenge overall having the most positive changes among all categories.

Congratulations, Naomi!

Naomi’s first place win earns her a free month of CrossFit. :) Congratulations, Naomi!

First place finishers in each category earn a small prize as well.

We will coordinate with Norma and everyone to find a good date/time to head to Cilantros! Woot!-Woot!

Congratulations to all winners and participants!

Below are the results and include the overall standings for all twelve athletes, as well as the top five of each sub category.

% Changed:
1), Naomi Sakoda
2), Shanandrea Castro
3), Laila Vasquez
4), Bill Miller
5), Ivan Solario

% Of Change:
1), Naomi Sakoda
2), Bill Miller
3), Ivan Solario
4), Joey Nolasco
5), Pete Johnson

Lean Change:
1), Bill Miller
2), Sara Hauser
3), Pete Johnson
4), Joanne Sanchez
5), Jill Pepper

Fat Change:
1), Shanandrea Castro
2), Naomi Sakoda
3), Ivan Solario
4), Pete Johnson
5), Laila Vasquez

Overall Standings:
1), Naomi Sakoda
2), Bill Miller
3), Pete Johnson
4), Ivan Soloria
4), Shanandrea Castro
6), Laila Vasquez
7), Joey Nolasco
8), Joanne Sanchez
9), Sara Hauser
10), Celia Puga
10), Yesenia Tovar
12), Jill Pepper

Grand Prize Winner: Naomi Sakoda
Total fat pounds lost between all participants = 71.91
Average % loss = 2.40%

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