Patience is a Virtue


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“ Patience is not the ability to wait, but rather the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. “

Most of us have probably experienced the frustration that comes with having a goal and struggling to accomplish it. Perhaps you are trying to get your first pull up, maybe you have been trying to gain muscle, or maybe you have been trying to simple squat to parallel. So much about CrossFit being infinitely scalable makes it so that we can all have goals to strive for. Many of our goals do not come easy. More often than not, you are either trying to master body weight and gymnastic movements, or you are trying to get stronger. If you excel at one chances are maybe the other is just a struggle. Of course who wants to work on things that suck? Many people would rather do what they are good at. When I started CrossFit all I wanted was a pull up. The first time I even attempted to even get my chin over the bar I went flying down, Coach Chris literally said, “okay so maybe we just stick to ring rows for a while.” It took me almost 2.5 years to finally get a pull up. So many times I felt that I wasn’t advancing and that I would never get a pull up. I was doing everything to gain upper body strength and mobility. Someday my accessory work would take me 40 mins because I would drag my feet in the ground not wanting to do my Russian Progression. The frustration would often build to the point where I would just want to take time off. When I finally came to CFA I really just wanted a pull up. I decided to just stick to it, worst thing that could happen was my lifts would get better because of the accessory work. I came up with the plan and stopped incessantly trying every couple of days for a pull up. Instead, I committed only to gauging my progress ever 6 weeks and let the chips fall where the may. After all, all we really have is time. Today, tomorrow, and the next day will come and go, but if we just change our attitude about what it I will take to reach a goal, it will become less frustrating.

I tell you this because I often hear so many of us upset or bummed that some of our goals are just not coming to us fast enough. Well I am here to just give you a friendly reminder to stay positive and to keep trucking along. Maybe you will accomplish what you want soon, maybe it will happen next year, whatever it maybe just stick to working hard, the pay off will come eventually.

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