Patience With The Process

We all have aspirations as CrossFit athletes; we all have those Games athletes we look at and thing “dam to be able to do what they do would be so cool.” At least most of us think like that, I know I certainly do. We get tangled up in the sexy aspect of CrossFit, lifting the heavy weights, doing WODs Rx, performing muscle ups, etc. This tangled mess can often leave us feeling discouraged because we are not at that level at this time.

“Man I can’t even do a push-up or a pull-up”, “Ill never lift that much”, “I hate running, I’m so slow.”

Again most of us have been there, for me its muscle ups. I catch myself thinking “I’m never going to get that stupid ring muscle up.” What we need to do in this situation is look back at ourselves at how far we have come since our first CrossFit class. Looking at what we have done rather than what we have not. It hard to do, it often takes a friend to help you think this way, however its quite eye opening.

When I first started CrossFit I couldn’t do a push up or a pull up. I actually hated inchworms in the warm ups because I couldn’t do a push up. I also remember my first time cleaning 95 lbs. I have video and it’s comical to look back and really seen how freaking far I’ve come.

It’s been a long process to get stronger, faster, get a push-up, Rx workouts, etc. but it’s a journey that has been so fun. Don’t get me wrong it’s been hard and had some bumps but its been really fun. I’ve become more confident as a person, forged relationships across the world with people who do CrossFit, and have become stronger for it in many aspects both inside and outside the gym.

The point I am trying to make is enjoy the process, be patient with the bumps and hard times. I promise that if you work hard enough you will achieve any goal you set. You all are part of an amazing community of people, coaches, and friends who will help you get there!

So keep up the hard work and enjoy the journey!

Instead of a picture, click here to watch the video of my clean.. enjoy!

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