Pistol and Squat Help

Having issues squatting? Back squat, front squat, overhead squat especially or just can’t seem to nail pistols? Chances are you have very tight ankles that prevent you from having the mobility to do all of the above movements without your heel coming off the ground.

Lets fix that.

You will need the following: a lacrosse ball, a medium resistance band, a barbell, and a superfriend.

We will start from the ground up. Something I almost always have mobility classes’ start with is rolling out the bottom of the feet. So take those shoes off (keep socks on), place the lacrosse ball underneath your foot, put your weight onto that foot and start rolling. You will find tightness in the arch of your foot, maybe even a few knots, as well as the ball of the foot. Spend a good 1-2 minutes per foot then the shoes can go back on.

Second, using a medium resistance band, place the band at hip height or slightly above on a rack pole on the rig (like your going to do a banded pull-up sideways). Proceed to step both feet into the band and have the band sit at the bottom/middle of your butt. Take a few steps back to create tension, and squat down to full depth. You will find the band allows even those with trouble holding the full depth of a squat something to lean against to prevent falling. From here stay low in your squat and start shifting all of your weight to one side and then the other while keeping your feet planted on the ground. What this does it by keeping your weight on the ground and shifting your weight around, you hit all the corners of your ankles. At first it does not seem like much but after hanging in the bottom of your squat and hitting those tight ankle areas for at least 2-3min you will be singing a different tune.

For the last stretch you will need both a barbell and a superfriend. With you laying face down (chest to deck) on the floor, have your superfriend place the barbell at the top of your hamstring and begin putting pressure onto your muscles as they roll the barbell down the back of your leg. This will smash out both your hamstring and calve which in turn will continue to loosen up your ankles. **Note to your superfriend to not roll over your knee cap though. Instead have then pick the barbell up at the end of the hamstring, skip over the knee cap and place it instead at the top of the calve.

If the last tip you still are confused about just refer to the picture of Coach Kami getting help with his mobility by Joe!

All the above info will help open up those ankles and allow for more fluidity and comfort in your squats and pistols!


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