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Top Left: Siblings Tommy and Laura Lee work their handstand holds. Top Right: Our huge Monday night class of last week! Bottom Left: Joanne S., Kalena A., and Amy G. hit last weeks rowing outside. Bottom Right: Gray Gray puts in work focusing on technique and, dare I say it, “Gets Fat!”; Something every serious Weightlifter needs to develop.

While you may not have seen Patrick writing Blog Posts here as of yet, (he will), Patrick has written some great blogs over the past two years at CF-Almaden. In two of his posts, Goals and The Journey, he talks about the importance of setting goals and sharing what those goals are, voicing them to the community. Whatever those goals may be, we encourage you to share them with us and the athletes who train along side you every day.

In my last post, (Something Sacred), I talked about how myself and the other trainers at CFHQ used to meet every “Sunday morning at 8:00 am” and train together. That training time together was awesome.
At the time, each of us as trainers had different goals we were chasing within our own training. There came a point when Greg Amundson and myself thought it would be good if all of us CFHQ trainers wrote down and verbally stated to the group our specific training goals with the thought that we could all help each other in our pursuits and help “hold each other accountable”, so to speak, with consistently working towards our goals rather than just kind of letting them get “lost” on the back-burner as can sometimes happen with a busy training schedule.

Initially, we came up with Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary goals in each of three categories; Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and WOD’s. “Weightlifting” was pretty much any kind of “external object control” element, such as a 1-RM Clean, a 3-RM Front-Squat, or successfully picking up the Thomas Inch Dumbbell with one hand, (haha), etc. “Gymnastics” was body control and pretty much anything with just “body in relation to the earth”; so any kind of gymnastic skills, from an Iron-Cross to multiple Handstand-Pushups to a 2 Minute L-Sit. The “WOD’s” category was for pretty much any wods you wanted, whether they be “Named” wods from the main-site, such as the “Girls” (aka; “Storms”) of infamy, or just favorite wods of your choosing.

We later unofficially added a sort of “Mono-Structural MetCon” category for things like 2000 Meter Rows, 400 Meter Sprints, 10-Minute Aerodyne Max Calories, Sprinting the Stairs at the beach, 100 consecutive Double-Unders, 40 Yard Dash, etc, with the idea that it was certainly “MetCon”, yet didn’t warrant taking one of our paramount “WOD” slots, nor did it fit into either “Weightlifting” or “Gymnastics”. After all, MetCon (“Metabolic Conditioning”) has it’s own place on CrossFit’s “A Theoretical Hierarchy Of Development”, (aka; “The Fitness Pyramid”), outlined in the October 2002 issue of The CrossFit Journal, “What Is Fitness?”, with Metabolic Conditioning being the second foundational tier after Nutrition.

As for some of our stated goals at the time: Tony Budding wanted a body-weight Snatch as his Primary Weightlifting Goal, and 3 Free-Floating Handstand-Pushups in the middle of the floor without a wall as his Primary Gymnastics Goal. He attained the BW Snatch and was close on the HSPU with 2+. Nicole Carrol wanted 15 Body-weight Overhead-Squats, and she eventually GOT IT!!!. Greg Amundson wanted a 500 lb DeadLift, 50 Pull-Ups and a faster “Angie” time. He surpassed 50 Pull-Ups and shaved nearly 3 minutes off his “Angie” time, though is still pursuing that elusive 500 lb Dead-Lift. Brendan Gilliam and I both wanted Sub 3-Minute “FRAN”’s as our Primary WOD goal. He was successful with a 2:47, I think it was, while I fell a bit short with a 3:01. A 3:01 Chest-To-Bar, that is!! Haha. I wanted 3 Dead-Hang 1-Armed Pull-Ups with each arm, (I eventually got 2 with each side), and 15 BW Overhead-Squats, (I got to 33 legit, and was pursuing 50 for video before my shoulder injury).

While we weren’t all successful on every one of our goals, we were successful on most of them. The point is that stating our personal goals to our peers, the athletes we trained with on a regular basis, our friends, our brethren, helped every one of us keep our personal goals in sight, no matter what external challenges training or life threw at us that could sometimes cause us to lose sight of our goals. By knowing each other’s goals, (not just our own), and by letting others know ours, we all pulled together and were able to support each other obtain our personal fitness goals and athletic pursuits. We checked in with each other on a regular basis to see how our goals were going, not in a badgering sense where you dreaded having to hear about it every time you showed up, but in a truly supportive manner, providing encouragement, support, coaching, and even training ideas to help obtain those goals. As well as the occasional giving each other a bunch of shit if someone was completely slacking on it, haha.

It wasn’t just others knowing my goals and keeping me in check that contributed to an overall great experience, it was ME knowing each of my FRIENDS goals, the goals of the athletes and coaches that sweat, bled, and gave everything of themselves right along beside me every Sunday at 8:00 am, and by my knowing what their goals were, me being able to better serve them and help them when they were struggling.

A shared mutual selfless commitment to others. Sharing of your personal fitness goals with your fellow athletes doesn’t just serve you immensely and help keep you focused, it serves the athletes whom you train with every day. And that’s a beautiful thing. It’s another small, (yet significant), way we can further strengthen this amazing community that we’ve all grown to love and call home. The community that each of YOU have helped create.
While many of us “CrossFit Crazies” tend to have goals with every single one of our lifts or wods, I’d suggest simply making a “Primary, Secondary and Tertiary” list of goals in each of the aforementioned categories; Weightlifting, Gymnastics, WOD’s, and even Mono-Structural Met-Con, as well as any health & fitness goals you have already decided upon.

Make a list. Put some thought into it. Write it down. Share it with your Coaches. Share it with some of the athletes whom you train with regularly. Then encourage them to do the same. It could be one of the best steps you take with your own training all year.

And if you are so emboldened, you might even share your list of goals in comments, along with whether or not you plan to join us when we start a nutrition challenge soon. :)
WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-08-10 Whiteboard

1) Split jerk 6x3

2A) strict press 3x10 -rest 60 sec b/t
2B) bent-over row 3x10 -rest 60 sec b/t
2C) weighted ghd hip extension 3x10 -rest 60 sec b/t
Male Rx
15 minute AMRAP of:
3 reps of hang power snatch at 135 lb
3 reps of overhead squat
3 reps of push-up (rings)
200 m run
6 reps of hang power snatch at 135 lb
6 reps of overhead squat
6 reps of push-up (rings)
200 m run
9 reps of hang power snatch at 135 lb
9 reps of overhead squat
9 reps of push-up (rings)
200 m run
Female Rx
15 minute AMRAP of:
3 reps of hang power snatch at 95 lb
3 reps of overhead squat
3 reps of push-up (rings)
200 m run
6 reps of hang power snatch at 95 lb
6 reps of overhead squat
6 reps of push-up (rings)
200 m run
[999 200m etc.]

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