Pull-Up Challenge!


CFW/CFA Pull-Up Challenge!
Not long ago I wrote about The Russian Pull-Up Progression and how Coach Georgia and her roommate implemented it with great success. After posting a video of her getting 11 Strict, dead-hang, overhand-grip pull-ups, a lot of athletes in Santa Cruz, Almaden, Watsonville and Denver started doing the progression and getting great results with it.

A pull-up is one of the most basic and foundational gymnastic movements fulfilling the “pulling” function of the human body. Being able to pull yourself up onto something could be a life saving skill someday. (If only Leonardo could have pulled himself up onto that piece of broken drift wood with Kate. So many tears would have been saved. & we all know he totally could have fit.)

Last month, Coach Chris Kasinski proposed doing the 30 Day KettleBell Swing Challenge for CF-Almaden and CF-Watsonville. While we had athletes from both gym participating, we had a LOT of athletes at CF-Almaden who really committed to hitting this challenge every day. (Note the pics. 😉 )

For the month of August, we want to officially implement a pull-up Challenge. We want EVERYONE to be able to do strict, dead-hang, pull-ups unassisted, and we want to help you get there! This will not only make you stronger, but will also make it safer for you to do kipping pull-ups or explore things like muscle-up progressions, whether on rings or bar. It will also help your strength in non pulling movements. Not to mention, we have a lot of athletes who have yet to get their first pull-up, yet who really want one.

For your convenience, I’ve included the PDF I made for Georgia and Reese of the Russian Pull-Up Progression for you here: Russian Pull-Up Progression PDF

We encourage everyone to really make an effort to stick with this progression for the month. You can either do the 29 Day original version, or the 35 Day extended version modification that Georgia and Reese made. I would suggest the 35 Day version. It is “5-Days ON, 1-Day OFF”. However, if you can only make it into the gym a few days a week and don’t have a pull-up bar at home (or bands if you need them), then just get your sets in every time you come into the gym. The progression will still work well for you and yield a high return on your investment. You don’t have to wait until the end of class either. You can do them in between sets of other strength/skill elements, depending on what we are doing on any given day. Or just come in a bit early and do them before class. Either way, we want you to get them in! :)

If you read my original post, you will know that this progression works very well with bands. Most who start with bands can do some dead-hang strict pull-ups without bands before they even finish the progression. If you opt for band-assist, Coach Chris has another method of doing the band-assisted pull-ups that he found on social media that makes it nearly impossible to kip. It is using the J-Hooks at a level close to where you would put them for a bench-press and linking a band across them and then standing on the band. Several athletes have stated that is feels easier than doing them the more common way of looping a band from the pull-up bar and putting your foot in it, but I think it’s a matter of getting the right height and the right band that will make it the right difficulty.—And then remembering what band and what holes you put the J-Hooks in.

If you are a beast at dead-hang pull-ups already, no problem! Try them dead-hang overhand-grip chest-to-bar. Or maybe weighted dead-hang overhand-grip chest-to-bar! You will benefit from the consistent exposure, regardless of your current ability level.

I know several of you have already implemented it and, just like Coach Georgia, had great success. I also know that many who had been doing it, have kind of slacked off and stopped altogether after completing it. 😉 If you’ve completed the progression already and want something else, let me know and I will provide it for you.
Whether you use a band assist or not, do weighted or otherwise, this progression is meant to be strict, dead-hang, pull-ups. NO KIP! Regardless of whether you use a band-assist or not.
So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Let us help you get your first strict pull-ups!!

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