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So talking with the evening classes last night, I realized that not many of you read the blog...... change that habit! Read the blog at least a few times a week! Another item I touched on during class yesterday was the importance of the warm up... read below to read more about it or catch up if you were not in class!

Picture this, you just came home from a brutal WOD, ate some dinner, showered and are now relaxing in front of the TV wondering what tomorrows WOD will be. You look on the blog and see its Fran (conveniently we just did Fran today), you start getting nervous thinking about how the WOD will go and if you will Pr your last Fran time. I would venture to say this is a pretty typical cycle no matter what the workout is. In this cycle do you ever stop and think about how the warm-up will go? Weird question huh?

Im willing to bet that most of you, me included, rarely think about the warm-up. We show up to class, do whatever the coach tells us to as far as a warm-up, all the while only thinking about the workout. We need to change this habit. The warm-up is one of the most important and overlooked aspects to a CrossFit class. Every part of it is thought out but the coach before class to loosen up/warm-up the muscle groups you will be needing that day to complete the WOD at your best and prevent injuries. As crossfitters, we sometimes think the coaches are just making us do a bunch of random stuff to make us look funny for their own amusement. While some of the warm-up movements are in fact amusing to us coaches, we program each and every one of them for a specific purpose.

The warm-up is also a great time for you guys to get your blood flowing, see where you might be sore and need to spend more time stretching, seeing where maybe you are hurting and need to modify your workout accordingly, and seeing overall how your body is communicating with you. This is crucial because only you can tell your coach how your body is feeling, we cant see all the areas where you might be hurt. By doing so your coaches can get you through a class with the most benefit to you and have you leaving feeling like you got a great workout in without pain.

So next class you take I encourage you to focus on the warm-up and allow yourself to get more in-tuned to how you are feeling prior to getting your butt kicked! Developing this habit will leave you with a greater understanding of how your body ticks and how you can get the most benefit out of your class times here at CFW!


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