Ready, period.

Tonight I would like to extrapolate on the idea Coach Chris brought up this week in his blog post “Use Your Fitness”. We spend an inordinate amount of time working on our fitness and becoming healthy. Yes, we have friends in the gym that keep us coming back and supporting us through the struggles, but a lot of time and energy is put into becoming better as individuals. So sometimes, we ask ourselves why? I know this happens to me. I’m at a point where I’m healthy, I’m at a point where I’m strong, I’m at a point I’m faster than I’ve ever been, do I really need to keeping pushing this hard through this workout? Personally, my answer is inevitably, yes. Why? Partly pride, in myself. But a more pragmatic reason is that I want to be able to physically do anything any one asks of me at virtually anytime. When friends randomly ask to go on epic hikes. When my dad asks me to move heavy ass rocks around the yard. When my mom asks me to lift her new cabinet she bought and is so proud of. I want to be able to smile and say, without a moments hesitation, yes. With out worrying if I’m ready.

“Ready for anything”. I will give you guys an interesting anecdote of a recent experience I had that illustrates this idea perfectly. A few weeks ago I went and did an open water swimming race with a few of my buddies. We swam across Donner Lake near Tahoe, it was just under 3 miles across. I was not even close to what one would call “prepared”. I knew for awhile that I was going to be doing this race, and I had every intention of training at least a little bit. A good friend had been helping me prepare by swimming laps with me, but we quickly fell off of that. So, on the day of the race I found myself standing on the shore, staring across the lake, without having touched water in about three months. The starting announcer even stated over the loud speaker, “this is not the time to be testing out your open water swimming ability”. As I ran head first into the water the only thought racing through my head was, “here it goes…lets see if CrossFit works…”.

All I have to say is, it worked. I had one of the most fun and surreal experiences of my life. It felt like exactly where I was supposed to be, felt like Beowulf. Because of CrossFit, what could have been a very scary, sketchy situation was an hour and fourteen minutes of low intensity cardio in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Luckily, CrossFit can compensate for my propensity to do reckless things [this isn’t my only story of this sort :)]. Always remember to put your best effort into every workout. But then go out and reap the benefits of having the body and heart of a super hero. You never know what experiences are waiting for you. ***Shout out to Day 1 Homie and fellow Coach at CrossFit Jigsaw, Michael Avina, who is in the above picture with me. That was us after finishing our race. We made it bro. Thanks for never letting me fly solo.

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