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“Regardless of what the problem is, the answer is to squat.” – Coach Glassman

Not everyday is a PR day. However, if you’ve been stuck with the same weight on the bar for quite some time, there’s an issue and it’s most likely mental. After reading several articles by John Broz, Cory Gregory and Travis Mash, I started squatting everyday. It’s only been a little over 3 weeks for me, but Cory did it for like 500 days. An over-simplified explanation of it is that you work up to a technical max on a variation of a squat everyday – front squat, back squat, and overhead squat. While I don’t recommend squatting every day to everyone, I think working up to rep maxes on squats regularly is very beneficial.

One of the reasons I believe in the rep max method is because some days are better than others. By finding a rep max, then performing drop sets, you are making the most of how you feel. Over the course of the cycle, there may be a few times where you don’t do as much as the previous day. That’s acceptable as long as you are working to a true rep max each time. Like I said, some days your best is only 95% but as long as you give that 95% for the day, you’ll still improve.

Another reason I like doing these rep maxes frequently is because I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve asked someone what their max is (to base the training percentage off of) and they don’t remember. Well, the great thing about doing a rep max is that all you have to do is reach that rep max for the day and the drop sets are easy to calculate. A benefit of frequency is that your body will adapt to it so it won’t feel so difficult over time.

Furthermore, as your rep maxes increase, your strength increases. There are several equations that can be used to predict your rep maxes from 1-10 reps. While they are not 100% accurate, they do a reasonable job of predicting. Go to for the rep max calculator. Squat heavy and look sexy.

“If you wait for a day to train when you feel good, you'll lift about twice a year. Those days are rare. Your mind plays tricks on you. Learn to ignore it and keep training.” – John Broz

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