Saturday Cancelled and Affiliate Cup Info.

The time has come for the highly anticipated Affiliate cup to take place. This Saturday at CrossFit West, 50 some odd teams from 15 affiliates within the Santa Cruz county will get together to throw down and showcase the hard work they have done over this past year.

There will be many spectators and 22 plus vendors making this an all day CrossFit extravaganza that will sure be one for the books.

To encourage you all who are not competing to make it out to this event and cheer on our 4 CrossFit Watsonville teams we are cancelling both Barbell and the CrossFit class for Saturday the 22nd. Again I repeat, the gym will be closed all day Saturday October 22nd.

So put on your CrossFit Watsonville swag and come hang out with us.

For the Affiliate cup athletes- some advice- do not take a class and go crazy hard the day before the Affiliate cup. Unless you want to be yelled at by your teammates. Be sure and eat good meals and drink plenty of water the few days leading up to the day. Workout regular up until Wednesday then start to taper off. Maybe get your team together Thursday and Friday during the time the gym is open to go over the movements and strategize how you will attack the WODs.

As for the morning of, do not eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. More than likely it will not go over well when you add nerves and the pressure of "competing". Instead stick to foods you know your body likes. Eat light the morning of. Plan ahead and bring small easily digestable snacks like fruit squeeze packs, or an apple or grapes, whichever you prefer to fuel and allow your body to recover between workouts.

If you guys have additional questions do not hesitate to reach out to your coaches for advice!

Also, have a blast :)!


One of last years teams flexin!

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