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One of the simplest and quickest mobility exercises to do, only takes 2-4 minutes to do, is rolling out, with a lacrosse ball, the bottoms of your feet. Yes might sound weird but if you think about it, we are on our feet all day long. That is a lot of constant pressure on the our feet and the tendons, muscles, and joints that are found there. Over time these muscle become, what I like to call, “laminated together.” When the muscle start doing this and nothing is done to relieve the area of tension, then a ripple effect happens. Some people develop shin splints, and others develop plantar fasciitis. Most, however, simple develop immobile squats and or deadlifts. Tight feet = tight calves = possible knee pain/ tightness of the area = restricted squat depth…… I think you see where I am going with this.

Good news though, all of the above bad news can be prevented and in a very easy manner.

Grab a lacrosse ball, remove your shoes, place the bottom of your foot on the lacrosse ball, as well as body pressure (you might need a pole on the rig for balance) and roll around. Get in between the balls of your feet, in your arch, and even on the heel. Do that for 1-2 minutes, switch sides and repeat.

Doing this will yield a lot of results in the gym. It will surprise you how much this will help.

So get rolling!


Laila Y. looking focused during L-sit practice! Keep up the awesome work!

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