Steps Taken In Order

Everyone has heard the phrase “you need to walk before you can run.”

If you haven’t heard of it you know have.

It applies to many areas of life. You first need to graduate 5th grade before going onto 6th. You first need to pass your general education class before taking upper division. You first need to learn to the alphabet before writing sentences. You first need to build the house structure before putting up the walls. The list can go on.

Of course there are always exceptions but for the most part first comes A then B then C and so on and so forth.

The same thing applies to the Olympic moves in CrossFit You first learn form, the technique, and once you have that down intensity is then applied; intensity meaning moving quickly and efficiently without major errors. This is when the technique becomes engrained into muscle memory. It’s the point were you understand the movements both in your brain and through your body. Following that weight is applied.

Form → Intensity → Load

You mix or skip these steps and you open yourself up to injury, failure, and frustration.

Olympic moves are hard. A lot of work goes into becoming proficient with them. It’s a beautiful process that when taken with patience and determination can be very, very rewarding.

Just wanting to remind you guys to keep putting in the hard work. Keep following the steps. Keep listening and working with your coaches because believe me it will all pay off in the end!


Shan kicking butt in the Open under the watchful eye of Coach Matt S.!

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