Super Friend- Holiday Version

With the holidays quickly approaching, the typical move for most of us is putting family and work over making it into the gym on a normal schedule. I am definitely not about to say screw family obligations and work to workout. However, I am going to encourage you guys to buddy up and make sure you keep each other accountable over this upcoming holiday season.

Pretty soon days and nights will get crazy, holiday cookies will start making appearances, holidays parties will become a regular weekend event and the cold weather will all work against us and all the gains made over this past year.

I have talked before about super friends and how they make doing mobility so much easier and enjoyable. I am now broadening the term to a super friend being that person you can text or call to make sure you both make it into the gym, get your mobility in, and still be able to enjoy that holiday treat. A super friend doesn’t have to be limited to one person either. Get a whole group together, or check in with the entire CFA community on Facebook with motivating words or recipes to keep all of us in the gym and the holiday weight out in the cold!

Also, keep in mind that with the colder weather, warm-ups become even more important in keep our muscles moving and working the right way to prevent injuries. Be sure and lean on your super friends to get some extra mobility in when you find time. I know time will be of the essence soon, but keep your body running right so you can handle the holiday season!

See you all in the gym ☺!


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