Super Friends!

Super Friends! Sometimes doing something on your own is just boring. I’m guessing one of the reasons you have joined CrossFit is so you know every time you walk in, one of your now buddies will not only be there to cheer you on, but will also suffer along side you through whatever the WOD is that day. Same thing goes for doing mobility. I’m not going to lie- doing mobility can often times hurt worse than the WOD. Tight muscles, or speed bumps as I like to call them, can hurt so bad you find yourself sweating more than you did in the WOD. How do you make mobility suck less then you ask? Grab a super friend! A super friend is that awesome person willing to inflict pain, laugh at you, then allow you to do the same to them. They are also that person who you start talking to, whether about your latest CrossFit crush or your upcoming weekend plans, and suddenly two hours has passed. Instead of just standing and talking away that time, use that time constructively. Grab a couple foam rollers or lacrosse balls, and roll something out. With this strategy, not only will you be caught up on the latest gossip, but you’ll also have supple muscles!! Everyone needs mobility, some more than others, and a good laugh with a buddy is always welcome. So grab a friend and get mobilizing on the regular :)! Pictured is Coach Chris and Coach Lauren along with a few CrossFit Almaden members helping each other out on mobility!

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