The Importance of Mentality

Over the couple years of doing CrossFit, I have seen many different ways that athletes utilize to get into that solid mental state of mind. An example of this is our very own Jason Highbarger who uses a pre-WOD ritual to help him get into the “WOD-crushing” mentality. With many years of dedication to his training, Jason describes his ritual pre-WOD as a way to fully dedicate his mind, body and soul to his training time. To summon all the power within himself to perform at his very best. I’ve seen Jason perform his ritual, watching it you see the utter focus, unwavering gaze at the task ahead and the drive to complete it with speed and precision. Its pretty crazy to watch, almost looks like someone getting ready for battle, which is exactly what Jason says is happening. He knows the WOD will be tough, making himself mentally tough helps him immensely with overcoming the pain that will surely be felt through the process. Dwight Lowery, football player for the Atlanta Falcons and a close friend of Jason’s, also uses pre-game rituals to “get in the zone.” Dwight says, “It kind of gives me a tribal-warrior feeling. I feel like, as I continue to work and I continue to put time and effort in, I’ll get better and I feel like that’s what’s happening.” You might not see Dwight’s rituals but you can see a reminder of it by the face paint he wears in games. The point of this post is do not sell yourself short by doubting yourself.

Everyone has talent and something to bring to the table. We all go through ups and downs in life, yet those that prevail are those that have a tough mental capacity to believe in themselves, and their abilities. When you can harness that, then you are unstoppable! So figure out what it is that gets you “in the zone”, it will be different for everyone, and conquer whatever it is you put your mind to!!!!

Those of you competing this weekend at the Affiliate cup I want to wish you guys the best of luck and most importantly have fun!!

For those of you not competing, if you can make the time to go check it out (its at Santa Cruz Central) it will be a great event and I know your fellow CFW peeps would love the support! :)


Eve, L. being at ease during Chinese planks!

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