Think Long Term

Your technique is more important than the weight you lift or how many reps you can perform. The purpose of weight on the barbell or multiple reps is to challenge your abilities. I will always be able to add more weight to the bar than you can lift or program more reps than you can perform. Every repetition you perform should be an expression of your best ability to maintain sound technique. If that means you need to use an empty barbell to do it correctly or scale the movement down, so be it. You will benefit much more in the future by doing so.

This applies to all the skill progressions for gymnastics movements as well as weight on a barbell lift. The progressions have been created as a road map to reaching your movement goal. Stick to the map and you’ll end up where you want. If you look for a shortcut, you’ll end up having to trace back your steps and begin all over again.

When you allow yourself to perform reps with bad technique, you are practicing a bad habit that you’re either going to integrate into your movement (bad) or you will have to spend additional time correcting the bad habit just to return back to where your technique previously was (more work for you).

How you perform exercises is as important as what you do. The more time you spend practicing efficient technique, the further you will progress in the future. It is called delayed gratification. Hard work now results in a higher pay off later. A short-term fix may only allow you to lift an additional 25 lbs before your progress completely stalls or you are injured.
A friend of mine was treating a patient that wanted to squat 500 lbs. He plateaued at a little over 405 lbs and decided the only way to add weight to his squat was to strengthen his hamstrings. He trained his hamstrings very hard until they were incredibly strong, so he decided it was time to squat heavy again. Unfortunately, while his hamstrings were ready to squat 500 lbs, the rest of his body was not. He ended up herniating several discs in his back and was sidelined from training for several months.

What is the learning message from that story? Don’t apply a short-term fix and expect it to carry over and last a while. Master each step along the way and your staircase will be a long and wonderful journey. Skip steps in hopes of reaching the top sooner and you’ll soon run out steps short of the top or fall back down to where you began.


WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-08-11 Whiteboard
Coach's Choice
Coach's choice technique work
2-4-6-8-10-12 of
power clean 60-65% rep max
5-5-5-5-5-5 of
triple unders
24-20-16-12-8-4 of

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