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I can’t speak for everyone, but one of the reasons I value CrossFit and my fitness is that it improves my ability to pursue activities I am passionate about. One of the activities I happen to enjoy is backpacking. Escaping into nature and living simpler has a restorative effect on me that other activities cannot rival. Last weekend, Rachel and I went with our friends up to the Sierras to spend a few days backpacking and enjoying nature.

Although the hike to our first night’s camping spot was only about 6 miles, most of it was scrambling up massive pieces of granite and gaining 2,000 feet in elevation. During that hike, Rachel and I were both very grateful for our levels of fitness. It wasn’t an easy hike but neither of us struggled the entire time: It was more like playtime than physically taxing work. I guess the hours spent in the gym training paid off. I bring this up because I think it is important to remember that part of the reason for being physically fit is to be able to better experience life and pursue your passions. Some people are incredibly passionate about CrossFit and wish to be competitive.

To them, I say keep training hard all the time. However, most of us do CrossFit to stay in shape, look sexy, have fun, feel good, etc. If you’re in the second category, I think skipping training days to go pursue your passions is totally acceptable. While I choose going to CrossFit over sitting on the couch, I’ll choose using my fitness to pursue my passions over going to CrossFit most days of the week. What's the point in being in such good shape if you aren't going to apply it outside of the gym? Use it or lose it! :)

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