Virtuosity (Part-2)


TOP LEFT: Naomi Kelley, mindful of Virtuosity, works on dialing in her “Getting Fat” position for the Jerk and her dip mechanics. TOP RIGHT: Kung-Fu Panda and The Dragon Scroll!! BOTTOM: Naomi effectively applying her solid positioning and Push-Pressing 115 lb. for 5 reps.

Virtuosity (Part-2)
My friend Sam Radetsky, founder of CrossFit West Santa Cruz and Co-Founder of CrossFit Watsonville before we purchased it, has written many great blog posts over the years, several on Virtuosity. In one such post, he was reflecting back on his 6+ years studying abroad in Japan, living out of a Dojo with a fellow student while training in bare knuckle full contact Karate. Once a year, the GrandMasters would all gather and meet for “secret training.” No one other than GrandMasters were allowed to enter. Like PO in Kung Fu Panda, the curiosity was unbearable for him and a fellow student. They absolutely HAD to know what secret training the GrandMasters were doing as they were surely mastering the “Dim Mak”, “The Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart Technique” from ‘Kill Bill’, or uncovering the secrets contained within the “Dragon Scroll”. Sam and his fellow student realized if they took purchase atop the adjacent building, they could see through the downturned blinds of the DoJo with binoculars, and so they set out to finally learn the “secrets” for which the GrandMasters were mastering.
They were completely shocked to discover that the GrandMasters weren’t at all exploring “high level techniques” written about in folklore. The GrandMasters, every one of them, were ALL working the foundational fundamentals, the absolute “basics”. They were working the very basics, yet they were working them to absolute perfection. Pure “mastery” over the fundamentals. …Virtuosity.

In my Virtuosity (Part-1) blog post on July 7th of this year, I shared an important piece on Virtuosity written by Greg Glassman that appeared in the August 2005 issue of The CrossFit Journal. It is something every CrossFitter should read. In referencing that Virtuosity piece, I discussed why we are always on you about form and technique and stated that there are several other things to be gleaned from that piece as well.
One of the obvious subjects would be the fact that it is just as an important lesson for all CrossFitters to take to heart as it is for all CrossFit Coaches. This is especially true for competitive CrossFitters with serious aspirations of making it to The CrossFit Games one day. I’ve seen too many good athletes over the years rely on their athleticism and strength and fail to master the intricacies of the movements, ultimately holding them back. The very best in the sport, any sport, don’t suffer from this. At least not for long.

Rickson Gracie was one of the very best Jiu-Jitsu Black-Belts in the world. He mastered the fundamentals and could tell you exactly how he was going to tap you out before you rolled against him. “I’m going to arm-bar your left arm.” “Then I’m going to omoplata your right shoulder.” You knew it was coming, but you couldn’t stop it.
While watching Four Time CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Froning Jr. complete Double-Grace for the finals of The 2014 CrossFit Games, you couldn’t distinguish his 7th rep from his 57th. His technique was dialed. Every rep was consistent. You knew he was going to win. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.
(Note: Virtuosity, Part-3, soon.)

WODs for CrossFit Watsonville 2015-08-17 Whiteboard
CFW- Wendler Back squat
back squat
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%
[against a two minute clock]
5 reps of push press at 155/105 lb
8 reps of toes-to-bar
10 reps of 30/24 in box jump
[repeat 7 times]

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