Weekly Update 08/17


My dear friend, Naomi Kelley, who dropped in for my birthday on her way home from U.C. Berkeley on Friday, chose to tackle the Bar-Muscle-Up/Weighted-Walking-Lunge WOD Rx’d along with our very own Hunter Gaither. Great work you two!
YOGA: Monday at 7:30 pm!—Every week!

BBQ/Potluck: Saturday, 08/29, after class! We are having a big BBQ & Potluck Saturday, August 29th, here at the gym, and we would LOVE for you to join us! We love our community and we want to do things to bring the community together and create opportunities for us all to hang out!
It will start around 10:30 am, (shortly after our 9:00 am class is finished). All friends and family are welcome! Even if it’s your rest day, just come by and hang out for a bit! We would love to see you! And so would everyone else!

We will have sign-up sheets in the office at the gym so you can add your name and what you would like to bring. :) This will give us a better idea of what else we may need to get so there isn’t an “Oh crap, we don’t have any paper plates.”, haha.

Movie Night!: Let’s face it, most of us already saw “Straight Outta Compton!”, (I haven’t yet, actually, but I’m going to!), but we still think it would be cool to get a big group from CrossFit Watsonville together the night of the BBQ and go see a movie!

There are some movies coming out the week before the BBQ and the weekend of the BBQ that might be of interest to everyone:

August 21st (Friday):
American Ultra
Hitman: Agent 47
Sinister 2
Digging for Fire (Limited)
Grandma (Limited)
She’s Funny That Way (Limited)
August 26th (Wednesday):
No Escape
Queen of Earth (Limited)
August 28th (Friday):
We Are Your Friends
War Room (Limited)
Z for Zachariah (Limited)
Max Steel

If you think you’d like to get a big group together to go watch a movie at Green Valley Cinemas, let us know! And if so, let us know what movie you might want to go see! :)

BarBell Club: Wednesday at 4:30! Coach Britt has an extensive Weightlifting background and years of experience. For a full hour, she devotes all her energy and time to bringing that expertise to you during BarBell Club. If you can ever make it, I encourage you to do so. If you really want some extra focus work on developing your Weightlifting technique, Coach Britt’s BarBell Club is a good place to start! :)
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