Where is your head?

In a class this week, probably a third of the way through the WOD, an athlete all of a sudden had a different look on his face. I could tell something was in his head that was robbing him of focus on the workout. He was either flogging himself over a percieved lack of performance or allowing life to creep in and beat him down in a moment of weakness. He was having a bad moment. F! THAT

In the middle of WODs you can and will go through an insane amount of self discovery and inner dialog. A lot goes on in a WOD. You get fatigued, your lungs hurt, various body parts hurt(sometimes all of them), doubt starts to creep in, pain is your companion and you need to keep moving till the reps/rounds are done or that clock shows zeros. It is amazing how many moments you have to think in a WOD. Wether its three minutes short or twenty plus minutes long, there can be a lot of moments. In those moments we want you to think hard. We want you to think about crushing the workout, round, rep in front of you. We want you to think about how f’ng awesome its going to feel when you have pushed through whatever we have thrown in front of you PLUS whatever your mind has tossed your way. If you think your performance is bad we want you to BELIEVE, that no matter what, it’s better than if you didn’t show up. If outside life or self doubt creeps in light it on fire and consume it to fuel your workout. This your time. It is only one hour. Focus on you, your workout, and how awesome it is to push yourself through it.

-Coach Patrick


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