Wrist Responsibility

We have all heard the phrase “Drink Responsibly.” Also almost all of us have experience being “WOD drunk” post WOD. So I am going to introduce the phrase “WOD responsibly.”

When drinking responsibly one usually plans ahead with at the very least making sure one has a designated driver. Others have various pre-drinking rituals but the point is they plan ahead. The same needs to be done for WODs. Planning ahead via stretching the areas that will be used, especially if you typically feel pain or discomfort in those areas.

Any example of this would be the wrists. Often times people feel fine pre-WOD then the strength comes up- typically cleans, thrusters, front squats, overhead squats, anything involving wrists- and they feel pain or discomfort in their wrists and ask if that is normal.

It is and it isn’t. Those movements mentioned put a lot of strain on the wrists so technically the discomfort can be termed normal. However, it can be abnormal one because it can be fixed, two not everyone feels it the same, and three the term normal pain is very broad in definition.

What is the point of all of this? The point is to be responsible with your workouts. If you tend to be tight in one area and it flares up during a WOD then show up a few minutes (it doesn’t take long) and mobilize! Not only will it feel good, you will get more out of your workout!

Not sure how to mobilize the area? Ask your coach or email Coach Lauren at


Jessica F. showing how to stretch the wrists! Flip flop the hands and lean back.

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