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Member Amy G. getting that first rope climp!!

I guess the first step to recovery is to admit your problem. So here it is, “I got injured.” It was almost 99% my fault. As I lied on the ground unable to get up I kept saying it isn’t that bad. The longer I laid there unable to move the more I knew I might actually have a legit problem. Long story short my back injury was in the grand scheme of things not that serious, but it would sideline me. The first week was hell, not only was I physically not feeling well but I was mentally bummed not to be working out. The worst was that Jason programmed two WODs I would have died to do but couldn’t. Every two days I went in for my progress check in the doctor kept saying nope nothing yet. Finally after the first week I got cleared to do three movements, which I had to have help in doing them. Progress was slow, at least it felt like it was, but eventually 4 weeks later I was cleared to begin testing out snatch, jerks, and squatting. Well let’s just say I had to take it slow.

It’s been almost 12 weeks, I got to test some heavy squats along with squatting for volume over this last week. It was pretty demoralizing. What I was once doing for sets of 5 with easy I was struggling to lift twice. I know my one rep back squat has probably significantly gone down when it was on track to push past the 250lb mark. Not to mention that I have had to take it easy in other areas of my training just to make sure I don’t re injury myself. The traction I was making on pull ups and kipping mechanics also had to be sidelined. Am I for all intensive purposes better? Yes. Has it still left me upset? Yes.

There is an incredible upside to all of this. Firstly I have really had to learn to adapt. When the doctor said I could only do strict upper body strength, with my weight evenly distributed on both sides, without applying pressure to my lower back, and while being anchored to the ground and stable, most would tell me to only bench pressing. WELL the joke is on you! I managed to find some hacks to strict press, bent over row, bicep curls, pull ups. By week three I had figured out ways to take what I could do and turn it into make shift WODs for when I got cleared to WOD 2x a week. I also took the opportunity to finally buckle down and clean up my very bad form on my cleans and jerks. The jerk I had to fix since my previous form was causing me pain, but the clean had been something I had been postponing. I really didn’t want to relearn a lift since it meant, GASP, drastically going down in weight. I also decided that it was about time to really hunker down and work on my midline stability and strict upper body strength.

The process has been incredibly eye opening. In my yoga life we learn to place the ego on the back burner and listen to where your body needs to be, but doing that is often very challenging. I have really had to repeat to myself so many times the mantra, “you are where you need to be.” The first time I failed a clean at 135 I wanted to pack up, go home and cry. I know that eventually I will be where I once was, but it still doesn’t make me feel any less defeated. I know that many people at our gym are dealing with a lot bigger, more serious injuries, but sympathy pains only create a pity party that we don’t need to be a part of.

I hope anyone with an injury takes away from this that though injuries can sideline us but they don’t have to control us. We may be down be we are not out. Any of our coaches will modify or just simply give you a new workout. Yes it might suck, last time I was sidelined I literally could only deadlift, press and hang power clean, so I basically deadlifted, pressed, and cleaned for 4 weeks straight. (Yes I would roll my eyes when Patrick would say just sub it for a deadlift every other day). You might get bored and frustrated but at least your moving and seeing your friends at CFA. And moving and keeping active is better than sitting and letting your injury get the best of you. Just remember we all are exactly where we need to be.

Also if you are out with an injury here are some tips from my boys over at Barbell Shrugged:

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