You can’t kip forever

The strict deficit handstand push-ups in yesterday’s workout were humbling for many people, myself included. We hardly ever program strict versions of the various exercises performed for the reason that you cannot maintain as high of intensity. Quite often, athletes skip performing strict exercises and only ever kip or use their legs, as in kipping pull-ups or push press. I think that’s a terrible idea if your goal is to improve.

Performing the strict versions of the lifts will get you stronger through the full range of motion. Getting stronger overall will carry over to all your kipping/leg-assisted variations of your lifts.

Using your legs in a push press or your hips in a kipping pull-up is beneficial because is allows you to perform more volume and weight. However, kipping or using your legs allows you to use your legs/hips to “skip” the initial ROM, where the lifts are the hardest…i.e. you’re performing partial ROM with upper-body. If you do not train your strict press or pull-up, you will never develop the strength from the bottom of the ROM, which is why many people struggle with the first couple inches in a strict press or pull-up.

I understand it can be hard to try to fit all the extra stuff into your program without spending 2 hours at the gym. Here’s an easy way: Do the Strict Pull-up program that Jason blogged about Sunday. Superset each set of pull-ups with a set of presses (HSPU, Strict Press @ 75%, Push-ups, Dips, etc.) of the same rep scheme. If you find that the pressing is not equal difficulty level as the pull-ups, adjust the volume to make it feel balanced.
Get stronger by adding in strict presses and pull-ups into your extra work, or even perform it as a warm-up. Not only will you get stronger and be able to lift more, your kipping variations will improve as a result of increased strength.

Klokov Dmitry - (9.07.2013)

P.S. Klokov does them, so you should, too. :)
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wear your running shoes :)

Headphones and a wristwatch with a timer would be beneficial.

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