Cat Bechtold

Cat Bechtold

L2 CF Coach

Best Deadlift 415

Best Back Squat 305

Best Bench 185 - Last in all the WODs though 😄


Crossfit L2 certification  

Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting certification

About Coach

I first joined Crossfit in 2012, before that I was an avid runner, completing many 10ks and half marathons. I also did obstacle races, like Spartans and mud runs. After joining CrossFit my fitness path changed. I fell in love with the barbell. About 5 years ago I started competing in USPA powerlifting meets. Then I discovered Strongman. I now compete in at least one-two Strongman comps a year. Crossfit is the reason I learned I am a strong woman. It gave me the confidence to try new things. I still enjoy CrossFit and do WODs every day, it is my daily shot of dopamine.

Turning Point

After doing CrossFit for 8 years covid hit, and that was my turning point. It was a low for me, as well as a lot of people, I am sure. I started to focus more on my physical and mental health. I had to self-motivate while everything was closed and I realized how important the CF community was to me. Once things started to open up again, I got back into CF full force. Shortly after, I decided to use my L1 that I had gotten a few years before and start coaching. I then decided to up the ante, and take my L2, and now I am pursuing my Certified Personal Trainer license through NASM so I can help people one on one as well as in the group setting.

Motivation & Passion

Crossfit and the CF Watsonville community have made a positive impact on my physical and mental health. Going to the gym is the time of day I look forward to most. This is why I am passionate about sharing CrossFit and fitness in general. It is empowering and fulfilling. I want to help everyone to become the best and happiest version of themselves.

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