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New to Crossfit

Never done CrossFit before? No problem! Want to try it out? Awesome!

Whether you are a Local CrossFitter or in town for a visit, we would love to have you try us out! Your first class is FREE! That’s right, your first class is on the house! We love what we do and we think you will too, so we would love for you to try out your first class for Free!

Please complete the following BEFORE coming in to our gym (it will save lots of time!)

1. Create a member account - Click here:
2. Fill out the above page, review and accept our waiver
3. Please Contact Us and let us know what CrossFit class you would like to attend
4. Come on in!

Things You Should Know Before You Arrive:

We recommend you arrive 10 minutes early to foam-roll, mobilize, introduce yourself to people and take a look around. You can fill your water bottle at our very cool water dispenser. We do not have a designated front desk person. Our Coaches are coaching. Our members are mobilizing or training. We generally do not do tours (though feel free to look around), but if we know in advance you are coming, our coaches can make it a point to greet you, show you around and introduce you to people.

Things You Should Know When You Arrive:

We mobilize in the front area, (stretching, foam-rolling, etc). You can ask any member for help. Introduce yourself to your Coach and the class! Our community is very friendly and welcoming! We generally start with a group warm-up and skill instruction before transitioning into our Strength work or WOD. The Coach is the boss – if you look like you need to scale, the Coach will tell you. Please comply.

Have a blast! CFW is a fun gym with very friendly and cool people.

If you had a great experience, loved CrossFit just as much as we do and you want to get started, Great! Lets Sign You Up and we will personally take care of you!

Crossfit Watsonville



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