Jason Highbarger

Owner / Head Coach

Jason, (a.k.a. “J-Dog”), the original “CrossFit OG” has over 20 years experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Performance-Nutrition Consultant and a legitimate 20 years of CrossFit experience, having started with Coach Greg Glassman in the early 90′s. Jason was personally mentored by Greg “Coach” Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, and thus has a rather unique perspective of having intimately witnessed CrossFit’s evolution from the beginning, back before there ever was “crossfit.com”, the “CrossFit Journal”, a “CrossFit Certification”, or a “CrossFit Affiliate”. He is an “Original CrossFitter” who has spent a great deal of time studying and honing his craft an attending a multitude of seminars on mobility, weightlifting, gymnastics, nutrition and related topics. Jason has worked with an extensive scope of athletes and abilities. He has trained clients as young as 4 and as old as 90, ranging from those who have never worked out before in their lives, to “weekend warriors”, to pregnant women, to Professional athletes, MIL, LEO and FIRE clients who’s lives and livelihoods very much depend on their health, fitness and ability to perform under duress. He has helped clients rehab a multitude of injuries, ranging from common athletic back, knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist and elbow injuries, to patellar-femoral syndrome and hip replacement surgery, to those recovering from horrific accidents. Jason is well known amongst the community for personally donating countless hours of his time every year to clients and athletes with special circumstances, such as “at-risk” youth, those recovering from violent car accidents, charity events raising money for families stricken with cancer, and scholarship programs for young athletes. While Jason’s background and experience is quite broad and inclusive, his specialty is working with, mentoring, and developing serious competitive athletes in all sports and professions who are striving for athletic dominance. He has competitive clients in Junior High, High-School, D-1A Collegiate, and Professional ranks, including NFL, MLB, and MMA, as well as MIL, LEO and FIRE. “My service and commitment to my clients is what fuels my existence. I love what I do. I am very driven to help improve the lives of my clients, not only in their sport/profession and pursuit of athletic dominance, but in their lives as a whole.” -Jason “J-Dogg” Highbarger.


Crossfit Watsonville



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