Kami Pham

Owner / Coach

Hi, I’m Kami.
I started CrossFit at the end of 2011 and have been coaching for the past three years. I got involved in CrossFit because I needed a workout program that would fit into my demanding 9-5 job schedule and show results quickly. I’m not patient and I always want results quickly. CrossFit provided that. I keep coming back because everything is measurable and I love seeing the progress I made over time. The CrossFit community drives me to do better and keeps me focus. If it works, why would I stop? I enjoy coaching because I love helping people reach their goal. In this case, their fitness goal. I know how frustrating it is to setup a goal and not achieve it. Coaching provides me an vehicle to help people. I get to understand where members run into challenges and provide an actionable program to help them get to the next step. I really get a kick when members have that “Aha!” moment. I really enjoy breaking down movements and understanding how the human body moves. I love to answer the why question. Why should my body move that way? Why would this movement help me do xyz? As a coach, I value breaking down movements and explaining to our members what you should feel and how this exercise will help. Feel free to reach me at kami@crossfitwatsonville.com

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